Past CMP Sessions

2019 Summer Session - Sleepless Days

We recently wrapped up the 2019 summer session and are so proud of these guys! In just a couple of weeks, they got to know each other, come up with a great band name, have a photoshoot, do an Instagram takeover, write an original song, choose and learn some excellent cover songs, work out a solid setlist for their EP, and SO MUCH MORE--all while learning the essentials of being in a band and getting key advice from our amazing guest speakers!

Sleeplesss Days put on a killer performance at The Station for their EP release show, with the set running the gamut of hip-hop & jazz-influenced rock to classic covers from bands such as Blue Oyster Cult, Radiohead, and Green Day--and, of course, The Beatles! We'll have some video to share with you from that show soon, so please check back to see their awesome set!

Of course, they also left with a new album to share with the world! Recorded in just a few days during the second week of the camp, these awesome students put some seriously hard work into getting four songs together for their EP, which you can hear below; to learn a bit more about their album you can head over to their Bandcamp page!

2018 Summer Session - She's Not Here

The 2018 summer session saw two returning CMP students coming together as a supremely awesome duo.

Named She's Not Here as both a nod to their fellow bandmate from their band Alive At 27 (formerly Crescent Sun; see below!) who was overseas at the time as well as a fantastic inside pun that locals will appreciate, Cami and Jason packed a tremendous amount of power into their eponymous EP and their performance at The Station!

Want to see what a rock duo is capable of? Simply press the play button below to hear them flow seamlessly from acoustic classics from the 60s and early aughts to their own sprawling post-rock instrumental piece to a timeless punk anthem!

Head on over to their Bandcamp page if you'd like to learn a bit more about the album and get your own free, high quality download!

2017 Summer Session II - Crescent Sun

The second CMP student band, Crescent Sun, tracked their 3 song EP during the second summer session of 2017.

Just as in the first summer session, this awesome group of young musicians chose to record their original composition, Hear Me Now, along with two cover songs; it's wonderful to see that Weezer is popular with yet another generation!

Please take download and listen to the tracks in the player to left, and head over to their Bandcamp page for more info on the EP!

2017 Summer Session I - Basic Spheres

For the very first session of Creative Music Performance, the students recorded three songs for their debut EP. As Basic Spheres, these talented students wrote a song of their own and chose two cover songs for their recording session. Take a listen to and download their self-titled EP! For more info on the recording, please stop by their Bandcamp page!