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Consulting Services

We offer essentially all of the same services available in the summer camp as hourly or flat rate consulting services!

Instead of a high-intensity, two-week, start-to-finish band formation & EP release program, we can cater to exactly what you need, regardless of scale or age group.
Services include, but not limited to
  • Booking

  • Building a marketing strategy

  • Creating artist websites

  • Designing artwork

  • Recording

    • Engineering

    • Mixing 

    • Mastering

Guided instruction and/or consultation for

  • collaboration

    • band dynamics & communication

    • band practice

    • group songwriting

  • songwriting & production

  • recording

  • engineering

  • mixing

  • branding, aesthetic, and design

  • Marketing & Promotion

    • creating & running ads on different platforms

    • creating & running social media

  • Music gear & technology

  • Networking & Building Community

  • Booking shows & tours

  • Preparing for & Playing Shows

  • Music Release Strategies

  • Exploring Revenue Streams

  • Creating Physical & Digital Media

  • Careers in Music (and “Day Jobs!”)

  • Touring

  • Sustainability & Wellness

All ages (not just rising 9th through 12th graders!)
Hourly ($50-$75/hr?) & flat rate based on the scale of the project
Services offered on a sliding scale
Open to bartering & budget constraints
Available virtually, or in person with appropriate health & safety measures
We contract with highly qualified professionals as appropriate 
With over 30+ years of combined experience working in the music industry, we love to make the most of our ever-growing skillset by sharing it with others and building community in the process.

We can’t wait to work with you!
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